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Exploding Kittens creators have a new card game in the works

The Oatmeal will provide art for Bears vs. Babies

The team behind Exploding Kittens, designer Elan Lee and cartoonist Matthew "The Oatmeal" Inman, have a new project on Kickstarter. It’s a card game called Bears vs. Babies, and it’s already raised over $1 million with 28 days to go.

Lee and Inman’s Exploding Kittens is the sixth most highly funded crowdfunding campaign in history. The $8.7 million campaign is also currently the most highly funded game project of any kind.

Bears vs. Babies features a single deck of cards, much like Exploding Kittens. The majority of that deck is made up of baby cards and monster component cards. Players take turns drawing from the deck, and attempt to make the largest and most powerful monsters. The combinations are pretty goofy, relying on Inman’s art style to bring to life bald eagles made of chainsaws or sharks with fighter jet wings for arms. Players then provoke a swarm of sleeping babies to attack, and only the strongest monsters will survive.

The campaign already has more than 30,000 backers, and ends at 9:00 pm on Nov. 17.

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