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Nintendo Switch reveal video has a surprising lack of kids

No kids allowed?

We're still watching and rewatching the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer from this morning, in which we got our first look at the company's new, hybrid console. But one thing that we and others online are picking up on is that our first look at the Switch is missing what has long been a crucial demographic for Nintendo: children.

Watch the video again above to see what we mean. The only people we see playing the new console are ... well, they're still pretty young, but they look more like young folks who grew up playing the Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64. They've been around the block a time or two, that's for sure.

But you're never too old to get into Nintendo — or back into Nintendo, as it were. People of a similar age group seem pretty pleased with Nintendo's more adult-skewing marketing strat online, although it's perhaps too early to call whether or not this is the only direction the company intends to go in with the Switch.

A popular thread on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, which sprung up today in place of the old Nintendo NX forum, further explores the implications of the kid-less trailer.

"Who has money?" asked user michaelbuddy. "Not kids. Who already has sub $150 devices (tablets, cheap smartphones) that play everything they want (minecraft, pokemon go, terraria, youtube, Twitch? Kids. Nintendo marketers are smart here. Screw what the kids want."

Appealing to children has long been important to Nintendo, which is why it's so striking that younger players had no presence in the Switch reveal. It's not completely out of left field, though; take a look at this video from E3 2011, when Nintendo showed off the Wii U controller.

The first official advertisement for the Wii U had a markedly different change in tone, though. Notice the heavy dose of families that appear in this clip:

Thus far, we've seen little of the Wii U's successor, so it's possible that Nintendo could go back to pitching toward children when the Switch is on the market. Still, the company at least seems to be making an active effort toward attracting its more nostalgic fans in recent months. The tiny NES Classic Edition console is on its way in November, and that's a clear play toward a crowd that harbors affection for the original Nintendo system.

Nintendo Switch hits retail in March 2017, and Nintendo promises more information — and, undoubtedly, more commercials — in coming months.

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