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Nintendo NX theorists have finally found peace

Goodbye NX, and hello Switch

Nintendo Switch gallery

It took us many, many, many months, but here we are, on the other side of the Nintendo Switch reveal. What we for a long time knew only as the codename Nintendo NX console has a new title, a fresh look and an updated list of questions fans are asking about it. Of all the fans relieved by the console’s announcement, none are more elated than the denizens of Reddit’s Nintendo NX forum — a group that, well, no longer needs to exist.

The subreddit was designed to be “the central hub for all News, Updates, Information, Rumors, Speculation, and Topics relating to Nintendo's upcoming game system codenamed ‘NX,’” according to its description. We’ve paid close attention to it in recent weeks as speculation ran rampant across the board, there more than anywhere else. Fans generated reveal date calendars — which, by the way, weren’t far off — and staked their livelihoods on the NX’s imminent reveal, day after day.

What’s best about the NX subreddit is not its thorough investigation into all rumors and reports that swirled around the console ahead of its reveal. No, we appreciated the community for its relentless drive, its insatiable need to investigate every possible little thing about the hardware. When compared to Nintendo’s social media followers, who also bombarded the company with their need for NX news, the NX forum faithful were less aggressive and more hopeful, even if their obsession bordered on intense.

It’s not that the forum has closed down yet, even though the Nintendo NX is now officially a thing of the past. There’s still plenty we don’t know about Nintendo Switch, which the NX fans continue to speculate upon. But many have made the jump over to the Nintendo Switch subreddit, which already has more subscribers than the NX board.

Members of the NX forum bid their home farewell shortly after the trailer was posted.

“May this Subreddit live forever as a monument to our hype,” said user RusticDog. “I loved my time here with you guys and I’m sad to [let] it go. Let’s not forget the great times we had here as a community!”

“The sub has been a crutch for me day in and day out,” wrote mutat3. I never posted, just kept watch. Thank you all for my daily obsession.”

They’ll continue to rant and rave about the Nintendo Switch over at its new home on Reddit. Not only are the NX posters not homeless, but they’re also excited about their future. The Switch is an exciting new generation to get ready for, they said. Although the NX fury has cooled, the conversation remains hot until the console’s March 2017 release.

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