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Take a look at the limited edition Mario Pikachu merchandise collection

It's a me, Pikachu!

The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have teamed up for a new limited edition line of merchandise that melds together two of the companies' best characters into one: Mario Pikachu.

The line, which appears to only be available in Japanese Pokémon Center stores, contains a variety of collectible merchandise from plushies to keychains and t-shirts. There are also limited-edition trading cards and a cover for the New Nintendo 3DS LL. The collaboration also has Pikachu sporting Luigi's classic look, as well. A look at all of the merchandise available can be seen in the gallery below.

More merchandise is expected to be revealed at the Kyoto Pokémon Center location on Oct. 29. At this time, there isn't any word on whether or not Nintendo has plans to make the merchandise available stateside.

Although Pikachu has worn an assortment of different hats in his lifetime, ranging from a detective to a rockstar, this is the first time the pocket monster has been envisioned as a plumber. Quite frankly, it's the best look at Pikachu yet.

More information about the line can be seen on Nintendo of Japan's website. Pikachu's next adventure will take place in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The new 3DS Pokémon adventure will be available to purchase on Nov. 18.

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