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This Pokémon would like to remind you it's not Pikachu, thanks very much

It's Mimikyu, not Pikachu

One of the cutest and creepiest new Pokémon coming to Sun and Moon is Mimikyu, the deeply insecure ghost/fairy-type who has a familiar look. Although its official bio mentions that the Pokémon donned a Pikachu disguise in an effort to make friends, Mimikyu has launched a toe-tapping campaign to assert its individuality.

Above, listen as the soft-spoken Mimikyu raps (!!!) about its quest for identity in the face of Pikachu fans — and while wearing Pikachu's face. The song is in Japanese, but translated lyrics suggest that the lonely monster just wants friends who like it for who it really is, not because they think it's a Pikachu impersonator.

We do find it peculiar that Mimikyu is coming out of the gate with this anti-Pikachu anthem, however, considering it was the one who decided to approximate Pikachu's appearance for popularity. That plan seems to have worked, as Mimikyu is already one of Sun and Moon's most popular additions. As unhappy as Mimikyu may be to share the spotlight with the series' mascot, the two look pretty cute together as the co-stars of Pokémon's Halloween campaign this year.

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