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Zack Snyder celebrates Wonder Woman's anniversary with new Justice League photo


DC Entertainment is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Wonder Woman's debut, and director Zack Snyder has commemorated the event with a new look at the superhero in Justice League.

In the photo, Gal Gadot can be seen in the heroine's costume, sporting everything from the iconic, warrior breastplate and tiara symbolizing her wealth, to the Sword of Athena sitting on her back. Considering she's decked out in full costume and there are piles of fire raging behind her, it's safe to assume this is during or after a battle. The scene is similar to what we saw in the Justice League footage released during San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Snyder didn't say much about the image, but added the Wonder Woman anniversary hashtag to the tweet.

The director isn't the only person who used today as a way to pay respects to the superhero, either. The United Nations officially declared Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls, despite some protest from groups who argued the position should go to a less sexualized and real woman. Diane Nelson, president of DC Entertainment, was at the UN to mark the occasion, and according to the CBC, said it was important to recognize that Wonder Woman was more than just a comic book character. She added that through the hero's stories, they were able to "inspire, teach and reveal injustices."

DC Comics will release a 75th anniversary special edition Wonder Woman comic featuring new stories, art and stand-alone illustrations. That comic will be available to download from digital retailers and pick-up in stores for $7.99 on Oct. 26.

Although the image above is from Justice League, fans of Wonder Woman won't have to wait until Nov. 17, 2017 to see her in action. Wonder Woman's stand-alone feature, directed by Patty Jenkins, hits theaters June 2.

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