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The Nintendo Switch reveal is the most viewed video on Nintendo’s YouTube page

Good thing the Pokémon Go trailer was on another channel

The Nintendo Switch reveal video, “#1 on Trending” on YouTube

With more than 11.4 million views, the Nintendo Switch trailer is the most viewed video on Nintendo’s nearly 11-year-old YouTube page. That it managed that accomplishment in just one day is even more impressive. Sorting the channel’s most popular videos reveals just how successful the Switch reveal was, at least by the metric of views.

The second most-popular video is the E3 trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which will, notably, launch on the Switch alongside the Wii U. The Switch reveal has exceeded the Zelda trailer by more than two million views. Behind that is, curiously, the three-year-old Nintendo 2DS reveal trailer, with more than six million views.

While these are the most popular videos on Nintendo’s YouTube account, these view counts pale when compared to those of another Nintendo-affiliated YouTube channel: The Official Pokémon Channel. The top video on that channel is, unsurprisingly, the Pokémon Go trailer with a whopping 41 million-plus views. The second most-viewed trailer is the nostalgia-laden Super Bowl trailer from earlier this year with more than 25 million views, and this Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha SapphireAnimated Trailer” video is in third place with an impressive 11.3 million views.

This doesn’t even include the nearly 2.3 million views from Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube account, where it’s currently the seventh most popular video, or the 600,000 views from Nintendo’s UK account, where it clocks in at number five. Of course, with ... well, now 11.6 million views now by the time I’ve reached the end of this post, the Nintendo Switch trailer — prominently marked #1 on Trending — shows no signs of slowing down.

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