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Major esports team pushes into Civilization 6 by signing first pro

'MrGameTheory' captains the new Civ team

Team Liquid, the esports stable spanning numerous divisions of pro competition, has signed Civilization 6 professional Stephen Takowsky, also known as MrGameTheory. In other news, there is now such a thing as professionally played Civilization.

Takowsky was introduced in this post as the captain of Team Liquid's new Civilization team, which is part of an overall initiative to bring that game into competitive esports. Team Liquid noted its origins in strategy games (specifically StarCraft) making Civilization's connection to esports apparent to the organization.

Takowsky has held No. 1 on the Civilization Revolution leaderboard and the Civilization 4 and 5 international leagues. He has the most 1v2, 1v3, 1v4 and 1v5 ladder victories in Civilization 4. He's also a member of Team Liquid's Clash Royale team

The owner of Team Liquid, Steve Arhancet (aka LiQuid112), said in a statement that when Civilization 5 launched in 2010, "I was too focused on building the foundation of what would become Team Liquid to participate as actively in the multiplayer community.

"However, with the release of Civ 6 and after spending hours watching twitch streams, looking at the various game modes, mod features, and the hints to the resources, and noticing the new focus on FFA multiplayer, I'm once again excited," Arhancet said.

He added that Team Liquid will soon begin a Civilization 6 tournament. The game launched Oct. 21 on Windows PC. For more, see our pre-review storystream.

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