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Destiny's Rise of Iron raid boss beaten solo

'By far the hardest thing I have ever attempted in Destiny.'

"Wrath of the Machine," the raid in Destiny's newest expansion, Rise of Iron, has been beaten. It was beaten within two hours of release. It has been beaten on the game's Heroic difficulty setting. Now the raid's final boss, Aksis, has been beaten by a single player alone.

Though soloed by at least one other player since, YouTuber ScaRdrow uploaded this proof of his accomplishment yesterday, then took questions on Reddit where he revealed his character build and strategy. Yes, of course, he used a Warlock. ScaRdrow's fight clocks in at 18 minutes; if you can handle it, the video is above.

"This challenge was by far the hardest thing I have ever attempted in Destiny," he said. Rating difficulty 1 to 10, he called Aksis "a 9, borderline 10, (at least until we can reach more than 400 light, or another strat). "

Here's his homework:

I did this as a 399 Sunsinger Warlock. My build included: Solar Grenade, Focused Burst, Fireborn, Flameshield, Arcane Force, Viking Funeral, Chaos Order and Gift of the Sun.

My gear/weapon loadout was the following:

400 Light Image Loop with Life Support, Explosive Rounds, Surrounded and Sureshot.
399 Eirene RR2 with Life support, Casket Mag, Yepaki SS2 and Triple Tap.
399 Raze-Lighter with Scabbard and Warrior of light.
Helmet with Inverse Shadow and Invigoration
Claws of Ahamkara with Snap Discharge and Hand Cannon Loader
Raid Chest with +Sniper Ammo, Mortal Medicine and Bomb Disposal Shield (Raid Chest Perk).
Raid Boots with +Sniper Ammo, Solar Double-down and In your Element (Raid Boots Perk).
Radegast Artifact for the increased Sword Ammo.

Tier Stat Spread:
T3 Intellect (193) / T3 Discipline (180) / T5 Strength (305)

Kotaku mentions that after this run, another player, sc_slayerage, also made a successful solo run (viewable here). sc_slayerage likewise billed it as "the most technically demanding challenge I've ever done in Destiny."

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