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Super Mario 64 has one coin you will never be able to collect

Enter the truly impossible coin

In 2014, YouTuber pannenkoek2012 collected Super Mario 64’s most mythicized "impossible coin," a coin that was long out of reach. Two years later, he's discovered yet another coin hidden in the Nintendo 64 classic that players will never, ever be able to collect. The programming-obsessed Super Mario fan uploaded another video yesterday, detailing how the game’s 2,093rd coin has hidden beneath the surface for 20 years, leaving players unaware.

Somewhere in the enlarged version of the Tiny-Huge Island course lies a line of just four coins. That’s unlike the rest of the game’s rows of five coins, writes pannenkoek12 (on his second account, UncommentatedPannen). The reason for this? The invisible fifth coin spawns and gets stuck approximately "49 units below the ground."

The whys and hows of this truly impossible coin are explained in exhaustive detail over the course of the nine-minute video. Some of this will go over the heads of any who’s never studied game design or programming, and it’s not quite as fun of a watch for the rest of us without pannenkoek2012’s trademark vocal stylings. The dedication that he has to the ins and outs of Super Mario 64 is pretty remarkable either way, though — and completionists now have another reason to dive back into the game.

Buyer beware that this impossible coin — and one other, in the Snowman's Land area — isn’t budging, unlike the previous holy grail of Super Mario 64 collectibles. If pannenkoek2012, scholar of the game’s parallel universes, can’t get it, there’s little hope for us common folk.

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