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Watch Dogs 2 is ready to audit Tom Cruise and Scientology

Hold onto your thetans!

Watch Dogs 2 features a wide variety of side missions, and it’s not scared to dip into the world of pop culture for some easy hits.

One mission asks the player to go undercover in an organization that has a striking resemblance to the church of Scientology in order to interview a character who looks and sounds quite a bit like Tom Cruise ... who happens to be one of Scientology’s most famous adherents.

The Watch Dogs 2 version of Tom Cruise is expecting to be audited, which is a real thing in Scientology, although the in-game interaction is rather short. Marcus also doesn’t that worried about staying in-character after he gets the information he needs.

This is well-worn ground, South Park has been poking fun at Tom Cruise’s religious beliefs for years, but it’s still an amusing scene. If all of this talk of religion and movie stars is getting you down, we’d like to present the volleyball scene from Top Gun.

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