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Watch 40 beautiful minutes of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on a Wii U

We would much prefer to see it on a Switch, but what can you do?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the confirmed Nintendo Switch game we’ve seen most extensively at this point — albeit never running on the upcoming hybrid. In large part, that’s because Nintendo only introduced us to the Switch last week, months after confirming that Breath of the Wild would be launching alongside it in March 2017. Still, those clamoring for more Switch — and Zelda — time can’t seem to have it both ways just yet: Nintendo uploaded a lengthy new video yesterday of the game’s less exciting Wii U version.

That’s not to say Breath of the Wild doesn’t look spectacular on Wii U. The guys from the popular Japanese variety show Game Center DX run through the game’s vast world and seem to have a blast with Link’s latest adventure. There are luscious green forests that play home to some angry beasts for Link to tear down, as well as a beautiful sunset to marvel at around the 28-minute mark.

Forty minutes of Breath of the Wild is a great watch, no matter where the gameplay is coming from. It’s just that — and perhaps we’re acting a little bit entitled — when we see the host holding that huge Wii U GamePad, we just wish it were a Nintendo Switch tablet instead, so that we could start getting a better sense of just how games run on the console.

Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch will both arrive next year. Wii U owners reluctant to buy into the new, little-seen system can look forward to a Wii U version of the game as well, launching simultaneously alongside the Switch release.

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