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Here’s where to find Destiny’s amazing Broom Sparrow

Anything can happen on Halloween

Bungie/Activision via Polygon

As excited as we were by the Tiny Box of Raisins Easter egg, the latest revelation from Destiny’s Festival of the Lost Halloween event trumps it pretty handily. As unearthed by Reddit user NomNomzombie17, with about 30 seconds of effort players can traverse planets on a broom instead of a classic Sparrow.

It seems the Tower’s beloved Sweeper Bot has lost his broom, but it’s not hard to find. Just head down to the rarely used lounge area below the Tower hangar. Near the back, just past the Emotes kiosk, hop up onto the shelves on the right-hand side and you’ll see a prompt to “Recover” it. Here’s a video to show you the way:

After you grab it, rather than returning it to the bot, why not take it planetside for a spin?

Be warned: This new ride expires at the end of the Festival, so you had better organize your impromptu Quidditch game quickly.

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