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Recut Logan trailer brings in the entire X-Men cinematic universe

The emotions!

Last week, Fox released the first trailer for Logan, the third installment in the Wolverine franchise.

In it, we got our first look at Old Man Logan and his cross country trip in a world where mutants have diminished in numbers. There are shots of a weakened Logan, now suffering from chronic back pain and an inability to use his mutant abilities, as well as an aged Professor Charles Xavier and Laura Kinney. Kinney, better known as X-23, is a mutant clone of Weapon X, otherwise known as Wolverine.

The original trailer is pretty emotionally-driven, thanks to beautiful shots and Johnny Cash’s cover of "Hurt" playing in the background, but a new trailer cut by YouTube user "afauclair" brought in the entire X-Men cinematic saga to make it that much more impactful. There are scenes focusing on Weapon X’s birth, his relationship with other X-Men like Jean Grey and Scott, as well as his relationship with Rogue.

As far as fan edits go, the recut trailer manages to do a pretty good job of keeping the focus on Logan while also providing enough backstory to make each scene seem bigger and reflective.

Logan, directed by James Mangold, hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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