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Stranger Things characters become Peanuts in new take on A Charlie Brown Christmas

It’s adorable! And sad!

Since Stranger Things debuted this summer, it’s received the 8-bit treatment, been turned into a short romantic comedy and parodied by Saturday Night Live. In a new video, the cast of the ‘80s-inspired sci-fi series have now been turned into Peanuts.

A Stranger Things Christmas, created by filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez, reimagines the characters from Stranger Things as Charlie Brown and the gang during A Charlie Brown Christmas. The short film follows Will Byers, who has come back from the Upside Down, and is trying to get into the Christmas spirit but just can’t seem to. He talks to his friends and other locals from the neighborhood, including Eleven, Steve Harrington and Lucas, but no one seems to be able to help him.

The short film pays homage to some of the best Charlie Brown moments including incomprehensible conversations with the adults, dance parties and even manages to perfectly capture the way Charlie Brown and his friends walk. By the end Will makes an important discovery about what it means to be happy, but it doesn’t end on a happy note for everyone.

Netflix announced at the end of August that Stranger Things would be returning for a second season next year. The first season is currently available to stream in full.

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