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A closer look at how Twin Peaks scares us

That's a damn fine television series

WARNING: This video does spoil who kills Laura Palmer! If you've watched up to episode 9 of season 2, you'll be okay.

Last week I wrote about the scariest parts of Twin Peaks for our 13 Days of Halloween opinion series. This video digs into the scenes that make Twin Peaks scary. Like I said in the the original post, Twin Peaks isn't just a horror series. It balances comedy, drama and murder mystery elements as well.

But its frightening and supernatural scenes are some of my favorites. One of my favorite things about Twin Peaks is how the filmmakers (David Lynch in particular) create soundscapes that contribute to the horror of a scene, without being overpowering. One of the examples I use in this video is from a deeply uncomfortable scene in Lynch's film Lost Highway. It's cool to see how he uses similar techniques to heighten the feeling of horror in Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is on Netflix right now, so give it a watch this Halloween, yeah?

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