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Why the hell would you get rid of Vine (update)

Whose stupid idea was this anyway?


Update: Seemingly in response to the outcry following the news that Vine would be going away, the Vine app will transition into a new Vine Camera app on January 17, according to a post on Medium.

You’ll still be able to view previously created Vines on the website, as well as download your Vines before the transition. The new app will still allow you to create six-second looping videos, but you’ll have to either download them directly to your phone or post them on Twitter.

Original post: Earlier today, Vine announced it would be shutting down its mobile app. Naturally, the internet descended into madness. Twitter was flooded with old Vines, new Vines, caps lock rage, pretty much everything under the sun.

It’s time we honor Vine until its last loop, so we asked our staff to pick a few of their favorite video game-inspired Vines. Enjoy!


I mean, we’ve all been there:

Probably the sexiest part of E3 2015:

It is complete:

When you see your created character in a cutscene:

10/10, would play this game:


When you’re playing a fighting game for the first time with your friend:


Drake the Wii Tennis Champion.:

This ... works way too well:

“I love Babbage’s, that’s my fuckin’ problem”:

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