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The music of The Last Guardian is coming to vinyl

...and a dedicated PS4 music app

Trico looks at the boy in a screenshot from The Last Guardian Sony Interactive Entertainment
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The music of The Last Guardian is getting its own release later this year, thanks to a double vinyl LP featuring composer Takeshi Furukawa’s soundtrack. For Team Ico fans without a functioning record player, they’ll also be able to enjoy The Last Guardian’s music digitally.

The Last Guardian’s vinyl soundtrack will be released sometime during the first quarter of 2017, and will feature a tri-fold cover with artwork from illustrator Nimit Malavia. The analog release is being handled by iam8bit. Pre-orders for the soundtrack are available now for $35.


Sony will also release The Last Guardian Composer’s Choice PS4 Music App for PlayStation 4 alongside the game. The app will include 19 songs from the soundtrack which can be exported as stereo MP3 files to a USB drive. Sony says the game’s soundtrack will also come to iTunes.

For a sneak preview of the game’s soundtrack, check out Sony’s “making of” video below.

The Last Guardian will be released Dec. 6. Last week, president of Worldwide Studios at Sony Interactive Entertainment Shuhei Yoshida announced that the game had “gone gold” after many years in development.

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