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Steam's Halloween Sale: The best, scariest games on the cheap

Save up to 80 percent on these games, if you dare

Red Barrels

Steam's annual Halloween sale has begun, bringing prices down on some of the most discomfiting games in recent memory. From now until Nov. 1, some must-own horror games, packed with all kinds of scares, are discounted by up to 80 percent. Your mileage may vary on just how scary these games actually are, but we've rounded up some of our picks below.

System Shock 2 ($2.49, 75 percent off)

system shock 2 Nightdive Studios/Looking Glass Studios

This is more of a psychological thriller than an all-out screamfest. This classic sci-fi shooter pits players against some terrifying artificial intelligence. The game went on to achieve cult status and inspired other titles like BioShock, which is also on sale this weekend. A reimagining of its predecessor, System Shock, is in the works for modern consoles.

Inside ($16.99, 15 percent off)


Inside is one of the most acclaimed games of 2016, so even if its more atmospheric horrors aren't your scene, it's still probably worth buying on a lark. A bundle that includes Limbo, developer Playdead's previous, similarly haunting puzzle platformer, is also discounted by 37 percent as part of the Halloween sale.

Dead by Daylight ($13.99, 30 percent off)

Dead by Daylight

This multiplayer game is a true survival horror: A group of four players attempt to avoid a nameless killer hell-bent on catching them and ... well, it should be obvious. There's also new downloadable content available (and on sale) for Halloween that plays right into the horror movie-esque conceit of the game; it invites Michael Myers, the villain of the serial killer classic Halloween, into the action.

Outlast ($4.99, 75 percent off)

outlast Red Barrels

Who wants to take a fun, pleasant trip to an asylum? Outlast promises a gory, tense experience as players try to escape unseen. There's no other way to survive Mount Massive: It's either hide or die. A sequel is on its way next year, further incentivizing this discounted purchase.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma ($26.79, 33 percent off)

zero time dilemma Spike Chunsoft

This is the third part in a trilogy of visual novels, but that shouldn't put you off; it's meant to be accessible to the complete newcomer as well as the Zero Escape veteran. Reasons to dip into this game, and series, if you have yet to do so: There's no dearth of blood splatter, homicide, ways to die and disturbing dialogue. It's a talk-y psychological thriller, and it's one of the year's most exciting entries in the genre.

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