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Pokémon Generations features the most brutal Dragonite you’ll ever see

We know this Pokémon is strong, but damn

Pokémon Generations has been more fun to watch for its character-building than its fight scenes thus far, but episode four attempts to tip the scale. Yet this quickie, starring the Elite Four’s ex-champion Lance and his trusty Dragonite, might go a bit too far in the other direction.

"The Lake of Rage" is a retelling of one of the Pokémon games’ most memorable encounters: the discovery of a one-of-a-kind Red Gyarados. Lance and Dragonite aren’t content fighting against the monster; instead, the pair want to solve the mystery of its whereabouts.

This leads into a no-holds-barred fight against Team Rocket, who seem to be on ... something as they saunter over to Lance. The legendary trainer has little patience for the goons, and his Dragonite has zero inhibitions when it comes to taking them down. You’ll have to watch above to see what we mean, but we can assure you that we never knew Pokémon could get this rough with each other.

We also never thought we’d feel bad for Team Rocket, the obvious antagonists in Pokémon. It’s just — damn, Dragonite can pack a wallop against humans and other Pokémon alike.

There’s a new episode of Pokémon Generations on YouTube every Friday until Dec. 23. Previous episodes have covered games like Red and Blue and X and Y; this is the first to feature generation two, otherwise known as Gold and Silver.