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There’s a pretty solid Back to the Future Easter egg in Luke Cage

Did you catch this?

Luke Cage

With the exception of the few hours that Netflix was down and everyone suffered a minor existential crisis, this past weekend for many was devoted to devouring Marvel’s newest series, Luke Cage.

In fact, it may have been watched so quickly that many may have missed the Back to the Future Easter egg that the writers had thrown in. Luckily, one Reddit user noticed and was quick to point out that in the series’ tenth episode, which focuses on Misty Knight’s investigation into Cage’s past, there’s a blatant reference to the events of the first film.


Although the names have been changed for licensing reasons, the references to a scientist named “Martin Brown” who created the “Thrust Capacitor” and therefore possessed the key to time travel are all there. The experimentations were controversial at the time, according to the article, because of the involvement of a teenage boy named Mac Fly from Mill Valley. There are even a few quotes thrown in the article that include some pretty deep cut references for the biggest of Back to the Future fans.

This is far from being the only Easter egg in the show — Stan Lee makes his inevitable appearance — but this is a sign that there are probably some other big ones hiding in plain sight. Now that the majority of Marvel fans and Netflix subscribers have seen the show, it might be time to revisit the series and watch it from the beginning, pausing along the way.

Luke Cage is currently streaming on Netflix.

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