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Google’s playable Halloween doodle is pretty neat

Defeat ghosts with a swipe of your wand


Google’s latest playable doodle celebrates Halloween and, wizard hats off to them, it’s an enjoyable video game. Players are challenged to draw combinations of shapes with their mouse or trackpad to repel a ghastly invasion.

In Magic Cat Academy, the player stars as Momo, a sorcerer kitty who summoned a ghost that stole his school’s master spellbook. Momo is based on the real-life cat who belongs to Google doodler Juliana Chen


But the doodle isn’t just a set of cute cat animations and supernatural themes. There’s some challenge to it. Attacking ghosts have a symbol over their head, and players must draw it over the ghost to knock it out. As the game progresses, the symbols become more intricate and tougher ghosts require more to defeat.

There are five levels in all, taking place in the Academy’s library and cafeteria, a classroom and the gym, and finally on the roof. More about Magic Cat Academy and its creation can be seen here.

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