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Stranger Things gets ‘80s-style newscast detailing one character’s disappearance

Is this a hint of what’s to come?

It’s not just the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana who have noticed the strange occurrences in their town; the local media has discovered the story, too.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the first season of Stranger Things.

In a new video from Netflix, local Indiana WIYZ-TV 5 news anchor Brenda Wood details the disappearance of Barbara "Barb" Holland in Stranger Things. Wood’s report offers a pretty scathing and hilarious take on the description of Barb’s outfit while detailing what may have happened to her.

"When asked to describe Barbara, her friends and peers praised her as someone who was loyal to a fault to Nancy," Wood says. "The kind of girl that notices if you’re wearing a new bra, and can really rock a pair of ‘mom jeans.’ Or as we call them now, jeans."

The video doesn’t provide any details on what’s to come in the show’s second season, which has reportedly just started filming. Some have taken the close look at Barb to heart, theorizing that the second season will focus heavily on her disappearance. Showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer haven’t said too much about the second season, but said that the episodes released in the announcement video all correlate to what’s happening in the show. The titles, they added, are full of clues that some Redditors have already figured out.

Stranger Things returns for a second season next year. The first season is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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