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Kirby Cafe comes to an end in Japan

Well, this is sad

Kirby Café

A couple of months after launching all around the country, Japan’s Kirby Café locations are calling it quits.

The Kirby Café organizers tweeted the announcement earlier today, stating that after close to three months of operations, it was time to close the doors. The tweet joked that both Kirby’s heart and stomach were full, thanking fans for all the support and love they had shown the company over the past few months.

Like the gif, the cafes had become famous online for their adorable assortment of brightly colored drinks and desserts, as well as the assortment of meal options available for those choosing to dine. A full look at the dishes available at the cafes can be seen in the gallery below.

On top of the food offered, each location also housed a store with exclusive Kirby items like iPhone cases, pillows, t-shirts and an assortment of other apparel were made available.

The team hasn’t announced if the pop-up cafes will be returning in the future, but it is interesting to note that the .gif in the tweet ends with a "FIN?" as opposed to the more traditional "FIN."

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