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You can try Pokémon Sun and Moon later this month

Get a special Pokémon for your trouble

A demo of Pokémon Sun and Moon is coming to Nintendo eShop on Oct. 18, giving fans their first chance to play the highly anticipated games. Like previous Pokémon demos on Nintendo 3DS, this one comes with an incentive to download it ahead of the full games' launch: the opportunity to download a rare, unique form of the popular water-type Pokémon Greninja.

The demo begins with Greninja already part of a player's roster, giving them an advantage over the lower leveled Pokémon commonly found in the Alola region's early spots. This Greninja is especially bonded to its trainer, and their relationship bolsters the Pokémon so that it may awaken its unique, even stronger form.

This version of the Pokémon, Ash-Greninja, was first seen in the Pokémon anime last year, and it adopts the coloring of the series' iconic trainer, Ash Ketchum. Other than the fan-friendly colorway, it's not clear what's different about this Pokémon, but finishing the demo will allow players to import it into their full copies of Sun and Moon.

Sun and Moon launch on Nov. 18, a full month after the demo. Tons of new Pokémon and features have been revealed in the lead-up, including today's introduction of the starter Pokémon's first evolutions.

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