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Pokémon Sun and Moon's online features take a cue from Pokémon Stadium

The games are aping another N64 classic

The Pokémon Stadium games were once the crown jewels of Pokémon spinoffs, translating the 2D fighting of the Game Boy RPGs to the three-dimensional space on console. We haven't had another entry in that series since 2000's Pokémon Stadium 2, but the return of the online Global Link system to this November's Pokémon Sun and Moon includes a feature that should please nostalgic players.

Among the various online battle options for Global Link participants is a brand new system, called QR Rental Teams. Players will be able to register up to six teams' worth of their most used Pokémon to share with others. By scanning a QR code, another player can borrow an opponent's team to try on for size, affording them the rare opportunity to battle with another player's Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon are included as part of these teams too; even if a player never has the chance to grab an especially rare Pokémon on their own, QR Rental Teams will let them command one for a battle or two.

The Pokémon Stadium series had a similar rental function, although these Pokémon were on computer-designed teams, meaning they weren't quite as desirable. Still, the pre-determined monsters were an easy way to battle your way to the Hall of Fame. Certain modes also had randomly generated rental teams available for use.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are making broad appeals to both new and nostalgic players, combining elements from classic games and imbuing them with a modern twist. Alongside the Pokémon Stadium-esque feature is a minigame that is essentially Pokémon Snap, to the letter. There are also new Pokémon that are regional variations on some of Pokémon Red and Blue's most beloved monsters. Players will be able to use the original 151 Pokémon as well, as the Pokémon Bank app and Global Link system interacts with the eShop versions of the classic Game Boy games.

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