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First Wasteland 3 trailer is live, and so is the crowdfunding campaign

Promised graphical improvements, multiplayer set a high bar for 2019 release

InXile Entertainment is no stranger to crowdfunding. Their campaign for Wasteland 2 was a high water mark for Kickstarter when it raised nearly $3 million in 2012. Now the team is back with the first in-engine trailer for Wasteland 3, a direct sequel for the party-based, isometric role-playing series that inspired the original Fallout. And this time they’re offering equity in the project.

InXile has partnered with the Fig crowdfunding platform to raise $2.75 million, with up to $2.25 million of that total available as equity investment. Studio head Brian Fargo told Polygon that the game, which is slated for a 2019 release, will be a massive upgrade to Wasteland 2. Features include asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer, a rugged frozen environment with storms that can turn the tide of battle, and a cinematic camera that zooms in on the action, just like XCOM 2. You can read more on that interview here.

Fig just recently cleared its final round of revisions with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. That makes it the first crowdfunding platform available that can accept both accredited (high net-worth) and non-accredited investment. We’ve been following them for over a year, and you can find the complete StoryStream here.

InXile tells us the game will launch simultaneously on Mac, Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019.

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