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Wolverine 3 officially called Logan, early script teases new character details

Old Man Logan?

Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, sits in a chair. His expression is clearly irritated as he sits shirtless, one hand gripping a bottle of what’s probably alcohol. Fox

The final installment in the Wolverine franchise that Hugh Jackman will be starring in finally has a name: Logan.

Jackman tweeted a photo of the poster alongside the news earlier this morning. New York is just one day away from hosting its annual Comic Con and, considering Jackman teased that more information about the film would be made available earlier this week, there’s a good chance fans might be able to see something at the convention.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, Jackman said they had wrapped filming and teased more news about the movie would be revealed this week. He added that while he was excited about what they had to show, he couldn’t say what that entailed or when that news would come out. Some outlets have speculated that a teaser trailer for the movie would drop at New York Comic Con this week, but Jackman hasn’t confirmed or denied those rumors.

Director James Mangold also took to Twitter to share a couple of first looks at the movie, including posting the second page of the film’s script for fans to read. The script details just how sinister Logan will be in comparison to the other X-Men movies that have been released over the past decade and a half. It’s also interesting to note it has a slightly more satirical tone that almost reads like a Deadpool spec script, Fox’s other big superhero film.

Before production began on the movie earlier this year, it was rumored that the new movie would focus on Old Man Logan. Based on the description Mangold included of Wolverine in the script, that looks like it might be the case. Fox has yet to release an official synopsis of the film at this time.

Logan is set to hit theaters March 3, 2017.

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