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New TV spot for Doctor Strange is best understood if you watch it backwards

Marvel has a few tricks up its sleeve

Yesterday, Marvel tweeted out a new TV spot for its upcoming Doctor Strange, and there are a couple of odd quirks about it.

The best way to watch and understand the clip is to watch it backwards, according to ScreenCrush’s Matt Singer. Although the trailer works either way, an edited version of it that appeared online pointed out that there are a couple of interested details revealed if its watched in reverse. Below is the original version of the trailer that Marvel tweeted and the edited version.

(content removed)

It’s a clever trick on Marvel’s part, and one that it alluded to in its original tweet. The text, which appears upside down, spells out, “You think you know how the world works ... watch and expand your mind.” The clip also focuses heavily on the concept of time, which is a fundamental theme within Doctor Strange, and the way the sorcerer contorts it to his advantage.

Doctor Strange tells the story of the brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr. Steven Strange, after he gets into an accident and loses control over his hands. In an attempt to get them back to the place they once were, he travels to East Asia to seek out non-Western medicinal treatments. While there, he meets the Ancient One and learns more about the universe than he ever could have imagined, training to become a sorcerer.

Doctor Strange hits theaters Nov. 4.

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