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Desperate for Nintendo NX news, fans wonder if it's this pizza box

Papa John’s probably has nothing to do with the NX, guys

We have said it before, and we will say it again: We have no idea when Nintendo will reveal its next gaming system, commonly referred to as the NX. But Nintendo fans and conspiracy theorists remain restless, throwing themselves at every possible communication channel in the hopes of getting some info, any info as to what the company’s new console may be.

We’ve seen them congregate on Nintendo’s social media feeds as well as a more secluded subreddit, but now, the most starved NX truthers have moved onto a forum that is completely unrelated to Nintendo: Papa John’s. The nationwide pizza delivery chain has a reveal up its sleeves for early next week, the company tweeted, and it turns out that people craving "pizza" have a huge appetite for NX news, too.

There are dozens of replies to Papa John’s ambiguous, undoubtedly pizza-related tweet of this nature. Out of context, it’s an easy joke; the chain’s tease is just an ambiguous black box, and Nintendo’s silence about its upcoming console has become a meme at this point, more than a year since the company announced it was in the works.

But knowing how rabid and stone-faced Nintendo fans are when it comes to NX, it’s just as easy to read the onslaught of comments as the apex of their desperation.

It should be obvious that Papa John’s has no knowledge of Nintendo’s intimate reveal plans for its much-discussed new system. No one does, save for the company itself. But gamers are not averse to looking in unconventional places for the concrete information they desperately want — and that’s not just limited to Nintendo.

We’ll hear more about the NX one of these days, hopefully ahead of its slated March 2017 debut. In the meantime, there are other Nintendo products to get excited about, like the mini NES Classic Edition and November’s Pokémon Sun and Moon.

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