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Pokémon Go’s next feature will help you catch rare Pokémon

Big bonuses for medal collectors

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go’s next update will introduce a capture bonus to the game that should make collecting rare Pokémon easier, according to Niantic. When the new capture bonus feature arrives, trainers who have earned a number of medals will see big boosts for catching ‘em all.

As players pick up medals based on catching various Pokémon types, they’ll accrue a related capture bonus. That means that players who have caught a large number of flying-types, for example, will find it easier to catch these kinds of Pokémon going forward. But that doesn’t just include Pidgey; it will also help them collect those rarer breeds that are tougher to discover and catch.

The update remains unscheduled, although Niantic teases that it’s “coming soon.” Alongside the recent release of Pokémon Go Plus, which lets players catch wild Pokémon without looking at their phones, the capture bonus feature sounds like a shake-up to the hugely popular mobile game that could bring lapsed trainers back.