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Facebook begins to claim the Oculus brand

This is a subtle, but perhaps important, change

Facebook acquired Oculus in 2014 for $2 billion in cash and stock, but the branding of the two companies has always been kept separate. Until Oculus Connect 3.

While the majority of the logos and images around the show haven’t mentioned the social media giant, there are multiple instances of the branding including the words "from Facebook" under the standard Oculus imagery.

The Oculus brand has always been just about Oculus; this is a virtual reality company that releases hardware and funds games for that hardware. Facebook is a social media company that has heavily invested in ads and media for those platforms. People in the VR community were hoping that the acquisition wouldn't lead to a change in culture for the fast-moving Oculus, but recent scandals have shown the danger of young companies with seemingly reckless founders.

It seems that Facebook is hoping to capitalize on its acquisition a bit more directly. This is what it looks like when the adults start to crash the party.

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