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Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in development, Ubisoft (finally) confirms

Michel Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier working on it right now

Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser

More than eight years after first being teased to fans and then, more recently, a series of additional teases, Ubisoft and lead designer Michel Ancel have confirmed (by name!) that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is now in development. A post on the original game’s Facebook page revealed this morning that Ubisoft Montpellier is at work with Ancel on the project, putting an end to ambiguous hints about the developer’s current collaboration with Ubisoft.

If you've been waiting for news about BG&E... well, here you go! We are delighted to confirm that Michel Ancel is currently working with the Ubisoft Montpellier Studio on a new Beyond Good & Evil game.

Beyond Good and Evil 貼上了 2016年10月6日

Beyond the confirmation itself, there are no new details about Beyond Good and Evil 2. Attached to the post is concept art that Ancel recently posted to his Instagram, which begat a spate of similar pre-production shots and other hints that the sequel to the beloved stealth action title was finally on its way.

Earlier this week, Ancel wrote on Instagram that the game was “in pre-production — stay tuned!” Yet Ubisoft remained coy about the title, retweeting the designer’s social media posts with winking emojis and refusing to offer concrete details about Ancel’s project at the company.

When reached for comment this week following Ancel’s pre-production note, Ubisoft told Polygon that the artwork was simply “for the game he’s working on at Ubisoft. We don’t have anything further to share at this stage.”

The original 2008 teaser trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2

That makes this morning’s Facebook reveal the first explicit announcement that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is on its way since 2008, when the game was first announced. Although Ubisoft and Ancel have largely been silent on the sequel since then, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said earlier this year that Beyond Good and Evil 2 hadn’t been abandoned.

Longtime fans will have to continue to play the waiting game when it comes to actually getting their hands on the sequel, but at least they can now rest easy that it’s on its way.

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