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PlayStation VR’s launch line-up runs long

Sony says it can and will change up until Oct. 13


The retail PlayStation VR unit is already out in the wild, including with our reviews team here at Polygon. We’ve already touched on just how comfortable the device is to wear, and we’re beginning to dig in on a selection of titles. Now, Sony is sharing the full list of games that will be available at launch on the official PlayStation blog.

PSVR will be commercially available on Oct. 13, and the list of launch titles now runs 30 games long. Sony is quick to add caution though, stating that this is how the launch line up "currently stands" and promising to update it with "any major shifts" that occur leading up to release.

Here’s the list, as well as links to additional coverage here on Polygon.

Sony also published a list of games with firm release dates in 2016.

  • Pixel Gear by Oasis Games on Oct. 20
  • Weeping Doll by Oasis Games on Oct. 27
  • Carnival Games by 2K Games on Oct. 28
  • Waddle Home by Archiact Interactive in Oct. 2016
  • Moto Racer 4 by Anuman Interactive on Nov. 3
  • Eagle Flight by Ubisoft on Nov. 8
  • Star Trek: Bridge Crew by Ubisoft on Nov. 29 via digital download and Dec. 6 at retail
  • Werewolves Within by Ubisoft on Dec. 6

Finally, here’s the list of games currently scheduled to be released by the end of 2016.

Additional titles, such as Resident Evil 7 biohazard and Gnog are listed for a 2017 release. We’ll update this article as it changes up until launch day.

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