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Here’s your first look at older Professor X in Logan

It’s not just Wolverine who’s aged


Yesterday, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold shared the first look at Fox’s upcoming installment in the Wolverine franchise, Logan. Today, Mangold tweeted a photo of an aged Professor X, keeping in line with the general theme of Logan.

The photo, which can be seen above, features Stewart at his oldest in the franchise. While it may be jarring to see Professor X looking as old and weathered as he appears to be here, it does fit in well with how Mangold has described the overall theme of the film in the script.

Along with the poster that Jackman and Mangold posted, the director also shared a page from the film’s script. In it, Wolverine is described as being much older than in previous films, with chronic back pains and a drinking problem. It all but confirms that the film will focus on Old Man Logan, a different version of Wolverine that we’ve seen thus far.

More information about the film is expected to be revealed at New York Comic Con this weekend. Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.

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