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Heroes of the Storm’s newest character is Warcraft’s Samuro

Warcraft 3’s blademaster returns

The latest Warcraft hero to join Blizzard’s online battle arena brawler Heroes of the Storm is Samuro the Blademaster from Warcraft 3, the developer announced today.

It’s not yet clear when Samuro, an assassin-type hero, is coming to Heroes of the Storm, but Blizzard offered a breakdown of the Orc’s abilities in an announcement today. Here’s what Samuro is capable of:


  • Advancing Strike - Basic Attacks against enemy Heroes increase your Movement Speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Basic Abilities

  • Mirror Image (Q) - Create 2 Mirror Images that deal 30% of your damage and have 50% of your current Health. Images last up to 18 seconds, and only 2 can be active at once.
  • Critical Strike (W) - Your next Basic Attack within 10 seconds will be a Critical Strike, dealing 50% increased damage. This also applies to Mirror Images and does not break Wind Walk. Passive: You and your Mirror Images deal a Critical Strike every 4th Basic Attack.
  • Wind Walk (E) - Enter Stealth for up to 8 seconds or until you attack, use an Ability, or take damage. While Stealthed, your Movement Speed is increased by 25% and you can pass through other units. Damage taken during the first 1 second will not break Wind Walk.

Heroic Abilities

  • Bladestorm (R) - Become an unstoppable whirlwind, dealing moderate damage to nearby enemies every second for 4 seconds.
  • Illusion Master (R) - Switch places with the target Mirror Image. Passive: You can control Mirror Images separately or as a group, and they deal an additional 15% of your damage.

You can see Samuro in cinematic, stylized action in the trailer above (just don’t expect any gameplay).

Earlier this week, Blizzard unveiled Heroes of the Storm’s new Heroes Brawl mode, an updated version of the Arena mode the company announced at last year’s BlizzCon.

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