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The Tick creator says first season will be full of terror and violence

Plus, a plethora of new villains

The Tick production stills Amazon

Ben Edlund’s The Tick recently received a full-season order from Amazon and during a New York Comic Con panel on Thursday, the creator spoke at length about what fans should expect to see in future episodes.

The biggest aspect of the show, Edlund said, is just how far removed it’s going to feel from previous versions of the show. Unlike Edlund’s short-lived Tick series that aired on Fox in the ‘90s and early aughts, the creator plans to focus on the terror that haunts the superhero. According to Edlund, one of his favorite things about the new series at Amazon is being allowed to treat the comedic series with the same amount of seriousness that a regular drama show would.

“The terror is going to be an important part of the first season, and [focusing on] how Arthur emerges as a hero,” Edlund said. “This version of The Tick is unprecedented. To make a superhero comedic universe that you actually invest in at first, and care about, means we can become increasingly more absurd and fun down the line.

“Hopefully each thing we add will shock and surprise.”

Speaking about surprises that fans of the original comic book can look forward to, Edlund spent some time detailing what types of enemies The Tick will be taking on this season.

“We’re going to be selecting characters that will give us places to go,” Edlund said. “They're going to meet a very, very violent vigilante. And, you know, we'll meet a government organization that has fused between a superhero registration tracking organization and a homeland security nightmare. That's going to be a force they have to contend with.”

The Tick’s pilot was one of the most watched when it debuted on Amazon Video in August. Amazon quickly ordered a full-season from Edlund soon after.

The pilot is currently available to watch on Amazon.

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