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Metro 2033 dev's next game is an Oculus Touch title called ARKTIKA.1

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light developer 4A Games will release a new title called ARKTIKA.1 for Oculus Touch, head of content Jason Rubin announced today during Oculus Connect.

Along with the announcement came a brief look at the game, a first-person shooter set in Russia with "a new vision of the apocalypse." In the trailer shown onstage, an unknown narrator explained that humanity has been "punished by an endless winter for a generation," with no foreseeable end. The trailer moves through shots of rubble and bloody destruction; it features the Oculus Touch's signature disembodied hand as the player blasts their way through enemies at a fast pace. Monsters appear mostly humanoid and vicious.

"For you this is a job," the narrator said. "For us, it is hope of another chance."

In a statement about the game, 4A cofounder and creative director Andriy Prokhorov said creating this "big, atmospheric VR shooter made a lot of sense."

"ARKTIKA.1 is a full-blown ААА title, and we're employing all of our accumulated experience making high-quality shooters, and also using a lot of new opportunities provided only by VR," he said.

ARKTIKA.1 will use the 4A engine and launch in Q2 of 2017. Check out the trailer above to see the game in action. Oculus also announced today that the Oculus Touch controllers will launch for $199 on Dec. 6.