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Archer cast detail the big changes coming to the show in its eighth season

Some of the biggest news from NYCC


Since Archer has been on the air, it’s look or premise has been changed three times. Now, heading into the eighth season, Archer is going to look different once again, according to Nerdist.

During a panel for the show at New York Comic Con, producer Matt Thompson confirmed that the new season would take place in 1947, with Sterling Archer taking on the role of a private detective during that era. He’s not the only character that will change, either, but a large portion of the new season will focus on Archer’s quest to find out who killed his partner, Woodhouse.

Through his investigation, Archer will go head-to-head with his previous colleagues, who are now out gunning for him. The once meek Cyril will be portrayed as a bad cop in the new season that spends his time trying to lock Archer up, and he’ll be joined by Poovey, his muscle.

Poovey, who fans of the show will recognized as Pam’s last name, is one of the most interesting character changes the show will see this season. When asked by a fan if Pam’s new identity means that her character’s gender had been changed, voice actor Chris Parnell played off the question, responding with a, “Does it really matter?”

Archer’s former partner-in-crime, Lana, will play a lounge singer and Ray will play a trumpet player in her band. Cheryl, who has gone from receptionist to bonafide country singer, will now play the manic heiress to a publishing fortune, Charlotte Van Der Tunt.

One of the most exciting pieces of news to come out of the panel, however, was the announcement that Jeffrey Tambor would be rejoining the series in its eighth season. Tambor, who previously played Mallory’s former lover and possible father of Sterling Archer, Len Trexler, will now play a mob enforcer.

Archer creator Adam Reed and producer Matt Thompson recently said in an interview that they thought they were nearing the end of the line with Archer, which they want to end after its tenth season. Both said they thought they could do all that they wanted to with Archer and didn’t want it to become stale by keeping it on past its expiration date.

The eighth season of Archer premieres in January 2017.

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