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Get your Light level up with these blocky Destiny toys at New York Comic Con

Gear up, Guardian

Mega Bloks’ line of Destiny toys began rolling out over the summer. But for people who haven’t been able to see the figures in person yet, the company brought them to New York Comic Con 2016 to offer some hands-on testing.

To be clear, most of the toys are under glass, including the new Iron Gjallarhorn that’s available in Destiny: Rise of Iron. But if you’re a longtime Guardian, it’ll be worth stopping by the booth just to get your hands on some of Mega Bloks’ life-size models of exotic weapons in Destiny — namely, Suros Regime and Invective.

You can check out the Destiny figures on the New York Comic Con show floor at Mega Bloks’ booth, No. 1804.

Photos by Samit Sarkar/Polygon

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