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Which game would an Oculus exec want to ‘steal’ from PlayStation VR?

“That was some VR juice”

Oculus is showing off a slate of new games for the Rift in general and the Touch controllers in particular at Oculus Connect 3. But I had a chance to sit down with Oculus VP of product Nate Mitchell to pick his brain about the state of VR, and I wanted to know: If he could steal any game from the Vive or the PlayStation VR for the Rift, which game would he want to grab?

It didn’t take him long to come up with an answer.

“I went to the PlayStation offices to try PlayStation VR and I was blown away ... I don’t remember the name of the game but you may be able to tell me ... it reminded me of Rez, but it wasn’t Rez, and I was on this track ...”

I cut in to tell him the name of the game is Thumper.

Thumper! I played Thumper, actually Otman Binstock, he’s our chief architect, he was playing it and I said ‘that looks so boring.’ He was like ‘try this.’ I sat there playing for 40 minutes and beat the little demo they had,” Mitchell explained.

He spoke at length about his admiration for the game. “I said ‘that was some VR juice.’ That’s just like little joke, that’s just how we talk about good VR, it was a little bit of magic and I was totally entranced,” Mitchell continued. “I hadn’t had a VR experience like that, especially with a gamepad game, in a while. It was cool.”

So Thumper is his final answer?

“I mean I guess it’s kind of an easy grab, but it was my favorite experience that I played,” Mitchell said. “I was just in it. You know those moments as a gamer where you just fall into the game and VR makes it possible in a whole new way? They couldn’t get me out.”

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