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Watch the first eerie trailer for the Doctor Who spinoff, Class

Footage premiered at New York Comic Con

The first trailer for the BBC’s Doctor Who spinoff, Class, has arrived and something evil is afoot.

In the trailer, which can be seen above, the Doctor has a very important message for the students of Coal Hill Academy. After the school suffers an attack from a group of extraterrestrial creatures, the Doctor instructs four misfit students that they have to band together to protect Earth from the nightmarish army that wants to take over the planet.

The teaser trailer focuses most of its time on showing off glimpses of the various powers the students have, alongside the terrifying message the Doctor has for the four regarding their uncertain future. Although the Doctor will have a small role in the series, — expect to see him in the pilot — this is an entirely new spinoff that just happens to exist within the same universe. The goal is to have it stand on its own two legs and not have to rely on the constant appearance of the Doctor to succeed with audiences.

Class is set to debut in the U.K. first before premiering stateside on BBC America in 2017.

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