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Blade creators declined an Underworld crossover because Marvel had other plans

“We had that idea,” Underworld star says

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Imagine the next Underworld movie and its universe of warring vampires and werewolves bringing in a Marvel character to spice things up a bit. It sounds like it was in discussion at one point.

The team behind Underworld once reached out to the creators of Blade, the vampire-hunting, super-human star of his own comics and movie trilogy, to see if they would be interested in a crossover, Underworld franchise star Kate Beckinsale told an audience during a New York Comic Con panel today.

“We had that idea," she said in response to a fan's question. "They said no. They're doing something else with Blade.”

Beckinsale didn't elaborate on what that something else was. There have been three movies based on the Marvel comics, all starring Wesley Snipes as the titular character. In August 2014, Snipes said he'd like to return to the franchise.

Beckinsale, actor Theo James and first-time director Anna Foerster were at the show this week promoting the upcoming release of Underworld: Blood Wars.

The next installment in the franchise has Selene (played by Beckinsale) running from both the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her, David (Theo James) and his father Thomas (Charles Dance) are her only allies this time around.

Director Foerster said that it was extremely exciting to work on the movie because she loves the franchise.

"The first one established the look of a kick-ass female heroine," she said. "It was super exciting to direct this because it checked a lot of boxes for me."

Beckinsale seemed dismissive of the idea that having a female director brought a different feel to the movie. She said that Foerster certainly seemed to draw out more of Selene's emotional side, but she didn't know if that was because who the director is, or that she is female.

"I couldn't say if that was a uterus based idea," she said laughing. "I don't think gender has to do with if you're a good director or a bad director.

"There was a time when there was a lot of discussion about having a movie with a strong female lead, but that's become more common. I'm hoping that in a few years the conversation about a female director will be slightly less unusual too."

The talk’s moderator wrapped up the panel by telling the gathered fans that a new Underworld mobile game would be coming out next week.

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