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Gears of War 4 collectibles guide: Act 5

Gears of War 4 Act 5 has three collectibles — two in the first chapter and one in the second. Here's how to find them all.

1. Convergence

COG tag (H. Pham)

When you enter Speyer, you've got a lot of fighting to do in a big courtyard with another statue in the center. It's probably best to get that out of the way first, but for this collectible, you don't actually have to. If you double back to (or stay at) where you came in, you can find one of Gears of War 4's final collectibles.

Starting from the staircase with the Welcome to Speyer sign next to it, walk up the stairs and hug the right wall. You'll come upon an alleyway in no time. Follow that down until you see a corpse. Approach it, and you'll find the COG tag for H. Pham / SGT / Kinnerlake 1292025.

Work Stoppage Order

On your way to the radio tower, you'll enter a building. Hug the right wall and walk until you see an area to your left where the ground is painted yellow. Turn left there, walk down a few stairs and then up a few more stairs.

Turn right when you reach the top of those stairs, and then enter the room on your left. The collectible is sitting in the corner of that big, old computer … thing.

2. Killing Time

Speyer Scavenger List

Just after you hop down onto the van and into an alleyway, walk the only way you can, pass under an arch and turn right. There's a room ahead. Enter the workshop, and you'll find the collectible dead ahead on a table.

3. Gate Crashers

There are no collectibles in this chapter.

4. Release

There are no collectibles in this chapter.

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