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Rumor: Overwatch's Sombra shows up on Blizzard website

Perhaps signaling her long, long overdue reveal

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

More artwork for Sombra, the highly anticipated new Overwatch character, appeared on an official Blizzard site overnight, perhaps signaling a full reveal today or at least by BlizzCon this weekend.

Overwatch's subreddit discovered the image around midnight ET somewhere in the Blizzard online store. It has since been removed, but has spread through Imgur and other reports.

Sombra's appearance is consistent with her look in a leak earlier this month that ended up being correct about the Overwatch Halloween event. A full-size version is below.


Sombra has also been the apparent subject of a long-running alternate reality game. Her biography portrays her as a hacker who ran with the Los Muertos gang of Mexico before going underground.

BlizzCon begins Friday but it's also worth pointing out Mexico's Dia de los Muertos celebrations begin today and end tomorrow, so perhaps Blizzard might do something in advance of BlizzCon that draws on that theme. This post on the Overwatch website, written in the Overwatch canon, points to some kind of event taking place on Nov. 1.

The image of Sombra has the signature of John Polidora, who is a character designer and concept artist for Blizzard.

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