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Razer goes after Apple with obscene tweet (update)

This should go over well

Razer logo Polygon

Update on Nov. 1: Razer has posted the following tweet:

The original tweets were deleted.

Original story: Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh has removed many of the ports that professionals use to interact with the systems, leaving behind only four Thunderbolt/USB-C ports. You’re going to need an adapter if you’d like to connect an iPhone or use a camera’s SD card.

The news has caused many game developers and power users to at least vocally waffle about going with a Windows-based laptop instead of a new Macbook Pro. PC company Razer saw the opportunity in that situation, and went for it.

The original tweet, before it was removed

The company is clearly trying to call attention to its wide variety of ports, including the SD card slot. It’s also slyly saying that Apple should fellate the pictured laptop. It’s not the best look. Razer quickly went on damage control.

I wonder if there is a way they could have done so that’s slightly more productive to the conversation, and perhaps didn’t make an aggressive reference to oral sex.

One response on Twitter had the suggestion on how the Tweet could have been improved.

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