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An early look at Project Wight, the first game from The Outsiders

Rip Vikings to pieces as a wight

Stockholm-based studio The Outsiders offered a sneak peek at its first game, codenamed Project Wight, this week in a brief gameplay video that highlights the alternate history Dark Ages-era game.

The Project Wight sneak peek video is narrated by The Outsiders co-founder David Goldfarb — former lead designer on Battlefield 3 and game director on Payday 2 — and shows the first-person game in action. As Goldfarb notes, Project Wight takes place during a fictionalized version of the early Viking era, in which "humans share the world with the last remnant of a forgotten species of intelligent creatures." Players play as and see the world through the eyes of those creatures, battling the humans who have nearly eradicated the race entirely.

As seen in the video above, players will play both as a vulnerable child creature and a far deadlier one capable of flight and extreme violence.

The Outsiders was established in 2015. The studio, which is 12 members strong, was founded by former Battlefield developers David Goldfarb and Benjamin Cousins. At the time, Goldfarb said he wanted to develop a role-playing game and explore systemic storytelling.

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