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Sony explains how to get the best image quality out of your PS4 Pro

This is how you should get started

The PlayStation 4 Pro can be a confusing machine, especially if you have a 4K television and aren’t sure how to adjust the system or television for the best possible image quality. Sony has released a short video explaining what exactly your first steps should be when setting up your PlayStation 4 Pro, and you can watch it above.

“Currently, the most consistent benefits offered in games supporting the PS4 Pro are resolution improvements, though some games, such as Rise of the Tomb Raider, offer higher-fidelity effects and and lighting,” we stated in our pre-review. “Others, like this year’s Hitman, offer a significantly improved frame rate in addition to what appears to be a higher rendering resolution. Some titles also offer high dynamic range (HDR) color, which allows for extremely deep blacks and brilliant, vivid brights — a visual difference that makes a much starker impression than 4K often does.”

We also looked at how the PlayStation 4 Pro can increase the visual fidelity of PlayStation VR games, although the graphical jump in the first-generation titles is likely to be subtle.

If you were confused about where to begin to make sure you’re PlayStation 4 Pro is working properly with your 4K television, Sony’s video is a good place to start.

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