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Why the Overwatch fandom is so delightfully chaotic, explained in one tweet

There’s a simple reason for some amazing fan art

Overwatch - Tracer hanging upside down
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has dedicated fans.

And that’s nothing too unusual in the world of gaming. Many games have dedicated fans. But Overwatch fans are something else altogether. They create relationships that aren’t even hinted at in the game’s lore. They completely re-imagine characters, and then become emotionally attached to their version of each hero. The fan art, complete with its own inside jokes, is amazing. Video of the voice actors goofing around goes viral.

But what makes the fandom of this game so unique? One tweet by our own Susana Polo summed it pretty handily:

It’s a bit on the crude side, and also 100 percent accurate. Overwatch launched with only a tiny bit of information about each of these characters, but each character is so visually striking, with their personality feeling so cohesive between everything from their barks to their ultimates, that the fans continue to have a field day filling in the blanks for themselves.

And sometimes that means the characters pair off, even in ways Blizzard never intended nor will they officially support. Rarely is this head canon reflected in the game, although Blizzard certainly knows how to play to the crowd.

I’ve been stuck trying to explain this to people in more than a few situations, but Susana’s tweet explains the entire situation — using a Jurassic Park reference — quickly and accurately.

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