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Building the best team in Pokémon Sun and Moon just got easier with this planning tool

Keep track of every single switch in the lineup


When Pokémon first started, there were 151 little monsters to choose from. While still challenging, keeping track of what would make the perfect team for your game was easier than it is now. With the addition of Pokémon Sun and Moon, there are over 800 Pokémon. Trying to build a team while remembering what’s out there has never been more difficult.

All of which is why Reddit user richi3f built a Pokémon Team Planner. The planner keeps track of what Pokémon are available and helps with strategizing. The planner features every Pokémon available in the game (as uncovered through data mining), but there are filters that can be applied if you want to build a specific team. Users can choose to filter out Pokémon from specific regions, different types and select which generation they want to play with. Want to complete the game by building a team with only Generation 3 Pokémon? This will help you plan it out.

The Pokémon Planner screen. The Pokémon Planner/richi3f

For players interested in creating the strongest team possible, the planner also helps by offering statistical analysis of what your team is capable of. Based on the six Pokémon you’ve chosen, the planner will tell you what types of Pokémon your team is weak against, stronger than and immune to. The planner was built with information from the recent data mines and leaks, so every single Pokémon from Sun and Moon have also been included in its build.

The Pokémon Planner stats screen. The Pokémon Planner/richi3f

At its core, Pokémon is a game about being the very best — both against enemies in the game and real life friends — and having a tool like the planner around is going to come in pretty handy when the new titles are released.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available to play on Nov. 18 for the 3DS.

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